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New website – New blog!

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meHi, my name is Farrah, i’m the photographer and creative nerd behind FK creatives – the “F” in FK .
Welcome to my new blog and newly updated website. My blog will be an informal space were I will share the latest news on FK creatives, discuss past and current jobs and my experiences as a female photographer.
I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but my hectic schedule (and awful grammar!) always put me off.  I have so many stories to share about the fabulous shoots I’ve done and amazing models, artist, couples designers, photographers I’ve met along the way.  So I felt with launch of a new site the time has come for me to hit the blogging world.
Truth be told the launch of an updated website has been long over due, in the end I’ve released a very simple temporary version of the site which will soon be launched in all its full glory – lots of flashy techy things that my other half is busy putting together….
So where do I start? Perhaps a little about me first. I started of my creative career from a young age, educated in fine art. Nothing was more exciting then siting in front of canvas painting my thoughts away. With the rapid progression of technology I found myself changing direction, leaving my paints behind to enter the digital age. I graduated with a degree in computing art and my love of Photoshop and photography began. I started to freelance under the name “FK CREATIVE”
The FK stood for my name “Farrah Khalid” (now Farrah Baig after marriage!) I landed my first job in a design studio working for big corporations branding, whilst freelancing on retouching and design contracts. At this stage my photography was just a hobbies, another extension of my creative outlet.
Then the time came when my best friend Kiran decided to go onto a makeup course. Kiran and I have been best friends for nearly 15 years and has come to be more of a sister to me, we have been through everything together and I was thrilled with her decision to finally peruse her dream of becoming a make up artist. I then offered to build her portfolio for her. Our first shoot was to become a major turning point, the shots produced were far better then I could of imagined and were published by a well known bridal magazine and so FK merged into “Farrah and Kiran” or “FK CREATIVES”
Several years later after countless fashion shoots, retouching contracts and campaigns I had another major tuning point in my life, I met my husband, we got married and now he is also a part of my creative journey. Together with him I’ve have set up a wedding division of FK creatives. As a newlywed couple with first hand experience of the trials of planning a wedding, we take on photography of couples to be. And nothing is more rewarding then creating images they will treasure for the rest of their lives.
I’m now in in stage of my life where I’m very happy with direction of things. I work full time as a Media Assistant for a fantastic company at my local university with a team of amazing people. In my extra time I’m either busy shooting couples on their big day or shooting some beautiful model on a set. And when I’m not doing that I’m with friends or family.
But that’s more then enough about me…my next challenge is to decide what previous jobs to blog about!
Watch this space
Farrah x

Author: fkcreatives

fashion and wedding photographer

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  1. Awwww…. Love it! I don’t think. Realise how inspirin this actually is:-)

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